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2015 Tennessee Regional Conference September 24-25, 2015:

2014 LQF Review Cycle Is Underway

Examiner Teams are busy reviewing several high-level applicants using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.  In 2014, four organizations wrote their applications at high levels requiring site visits.  The feedback reports the Examiner Teams will produce include key issues that can help the applicants improve and enhance their performance.


Performance Excellence News

The LQF Performance Excellence Conference is scheduled March 2-3, 2015 at the Baton Rouge Marriott.  Register on-line or by mail.

The 2015 LQF calendar (CLICK HERE) is complete.  The calendar will give you an idea of the process throughout the year.

Benefits of Becoming a LQF Examiner

Are you looking for an networking and educational experience try being an Examiner.

2014 Baldrige Recipients
The 2014 Baldrige National Quality Award recipients have been announced.

Past LQF Recipients

LQF 2014 Performance Excellence Conference Video



The awards for 2014 Louisiana Performance Excellence Award (LPEA) recipients is over and eight high-performing organizations are sitting back to enjoy the moment (Click Here)...Actually, they are not sitting back at all - they continue to work on their processes, people and performance to make themselves even better.  That is what high-performing organizations do to remain competitive, adjust to changing business needs, and perform better as time passes.

 LQF is already receiving applications for the 2015 LPEA process and for the examiners who will review, score and come to know these organizations.  Not only do examiners get a chance to get more involved with the Baldrige Criteria, they learn useful material that they can bring back to their own work places.

 Level 1 applicants submit the five-page Organizational Profile and receive a two-page feedback report.  Level 2 applicants write answers to questions in the first six Categories of the Baldrige Criteria, and have the option of a site visit by their examiner team; Level 2 applicants receive six to eight pages of quality feedback.  Level 3 applicants write a full 50-page application, answering all the questions in the Criteria and including the measures they use to track and enhance performance.  Level 3 applicants get a site visit and 12 to 15 pages of feedback.

 Links on this web site take you to the examiner or LPEA applications, so don't wait.  Training for examienrs runs August 3-6 in Lafayette, LA.

Lafayette General Medical Center

According to Mr. Patrick Gandy, CEO of Lafayette General, "
Working with Louisiana Quality Foundation requires a tremendous amount of dedication toward fostering a culture of excellence through process improvement.  By taking a deeper look at our organization within the Baldrige criteria, we learned that good is no substitute for great.

 Our involvement with LQF and The Baldrige Program has helped further a journey to excellence that will allow us to become a role model health care organization.

 Lafayette General Medical Center puts the patient at the center of everything we do. Any business, in any industry, can use the structure provided by LQF to enhance their operations and put their customers at the forefront.  This forward thinking will truly elevate Louisiana’s business community."

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center

According to Mr. W. F. "Bud" Barrow, President & CEO, The LQF is one of the State’s great resources. It represents a commitment and a pathway to excellence, whatever the industry and stakeholder group.

Utilizing the Baldrige framework, LQF is the ideal partner for organizations to improve operations, create an engaged and vibrant workforce and exceed customer expectations.  I truly believe that our State will move farther and faster on the road to national leadership as we collectively embrace and actively participate in the LQF mission.

For Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center, I have no doubt that our work with the LQF has made a lasting difference in enhancing our call to serve, especially to those most in need.